Bingo King

A three hundred million-dollar cash business, thousands of habitual customers, corrupt cops, bought politicians, kickbacks, bribes, and turf wars rife with drive-by shootings. Sound like Mafia warfare? Drug crazed Cartel gang-members taking each other out?

Would you believe bingo?

Strange, but true…

Although Bingo King is fictional, many of the events described took place in the mid-90s.

In that decade, two full-time investigators for the secretary of state were fired shortly after submitting their reports on corruption in the bingo industry. Their findings formed the basis for this story along with an array of colorfully crooked characters who still own and operate the business of non-profit bingo in Colorado.

Robert Roehl

Robert Roehl is a native of the Pacific Northwest. He received a Bachelor of Arts Degree and a Master’s Degree in Philosophy from the University of Colorado, Boulder. He has lived in Colorado since 1963.

Currently, he owns and operates a coffee bar and bookstore in North Denver and continues to write when time allows.

Bingo King is Roehl’s third novel.

Tenn Street Coffee & Books

4418 Tennyson St, Denver, CO
Robert is a part-owner of Tenn Street Coffee & Books. A well-established neighborhood hangout, it hosts monthly art openings and has been known as a weekend stage for local musician for many years. In addition to an expansive coffeehouse menu (expresso drinks, smoothies, pastries, sandwiches), it offers quiet corners for ‘work from home’ types and a sidewalk patio under the trees out front. Book donations from around the community and occasional savvy purchases have kept the shelves full of many of the (not quite) latest bestsellers, ‘coffee table’ art books, and a collections of (somewhat) rare and vintage books.