Other Works by Robert Roehl


Vignette published in Parabola Spring 2018 edition

In a small town in the Colorado Rockies, I worked one summer on a construction crew—four man or sometimes five, and I was generally the low man. The youngest and, frankly, the least skilled, I did a lot of grunt work—picking up and unloading materials, shovel work, cleanup, hauling trash. They all had pickup trucks except me, but there was a company flatbed I could use most of the time, and I took it home at night…  Read more


Short story published on conversations.org

It felt good hunkered down like this, wedged up against cool concrete, legs locked, dully aching, the breathing slowed, the mind slowing with it. His eyes, mere slits, took in the unmoving scene—this house, its back yard, the darkened windows—with steadfast attention, as if his watching, this unwavering act of vigilance, kept everything in place.

The last hours always passed this way…  Read more

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